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The Cumbrian Ramblers - Psychedelic Sheep Mug

The Cumbrian Ramblers - Psychedelic Sheep Mug

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And here they are again - The Cumbrian Ramblers! My Psychedelic Sheep are getting a bit of a name for themselves. Slightly quirky, incredibly kind, always exploring, ever inquisitive..... Well if you've met Beth and Steve who they are named after (I adore their adventures in Cumbria and the Lake District) you'll know why the name fits. I'm doing a blog on them soon so you can find out more if you would like to! Meanwhile... back to the mugs:

Great to buy as singles or as a collection. 

1 mug £10 each

2 mugs £9.50

4 mugs £9 each

You can mix and match across any mugs in my collections. 

My mugs are microwave and dishwasher safe, but I suggest handwashing to keep them sparkly and bright and to avoid fade over time from harsh dishwasher chemicals! 

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